Sunny 967 & The Peak 987 Brands are owned, managed, programmed locally through his NonProfit 501(c)3 orginazation One World Voice Foundation Inc. by Ashley ‘Jon B’ Midder a native of Olean born and raised who returned to the area after more than 20+ years of working in and learning the radio broadcast industry with stops that include include Phoenix, AZ , San Antonio, TX, Ft Myers, Fl and more.

Ashley also owned and operated very popular nightclubs businesses in Phoenix, AZ, San Antonio, TX and Omaha, NE. Other businesses Ashley has also owned and operated include a Pro Audio, Musical Insturment, DJ Equipment & AV Rental Store that he plans to open in Olean as part of the Non-Profit One World Voice Foundation Inc. That the stations oprate under.

When you advertise on our stations the procceds of your marketing dollars goes back in the community to create jobs and help others through the NonProfit with things like low or no cost internet and computers for those disabled or low income.

We also plan on offering a musical insturments loner programs to allow the youth who aspire to lean how to play but can’t afford to purchase a insturment from a bank of donated insturments from our community.

Please give us a chance to help us help you with your marketing need while simotaniously giving back to the community and growing you business all at the same time.

Everybody Wins! The Community! Your Business! Our Community Outreach Growth!

Thank you,

Ashley ‘Jon B’ Midder

President/Executive Director

One World Voice Foundation Inc.

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